A big magazine, Revue St. Catherine, wants you to be the guest editor for its annual style issue. The editor of the magazine wants to meet you at Greg's Restaurant...


PerryTextIcon (Y/N), I can't believe it!
(Y/N) What's up?
PerryTextIcon A big magazine wants you to be the guest editor for its annual style issue.
(Y/N) Which 1?
PerryTextIcon Revue St. Catherine in Montreal. The mag is absolutely huge in Europe. They only ask the biggest celebs to be editors.
(Y/N) Cool
PerryTextIcon The editor wants to meet with you. Her name is Yolanda Snow. You cool with meeting her at Greg's?
(Y/N) Sure
PerryTextIcon Great! I'll set it up.
(Y/N) Tnx

YolandaSnowIcon (Y/N), I'm Yolanda Snow, the editor for Revue St. Catherine.
(Y/N) Nice to meet you, Yolanda.
YolandaSnowIcon Likewise. I guess we should wait until the others get here.
(Y/N) Others?
YolandaSnowIcon Your good friends Kendall and Kylie, who will be co-editing the issue with you. Did your manager not arrange to have Kendall and Kylie work with you?
(Y/N) Uh, not that he mentioned.
YolandaSnowIcon I see. It appears some vital information was not relayed to your manager. Note to self, fire unpaid intern.
(Y/N) So...what do you want to do?
YolandaSnowIcon With all due respect, you don't have enough experience to edit the issue on your own. That said, it's too late to find another guest editor. It appears we have to go with you.
(Y/N) I can do it.
YolandaSnowIcon We will soon find out. The magazine is hosting an event at La Plage to honor our Woman of the Year winner. I've asked my writer to pitch feature stories for your issue. You'll need to pick one.
(Y/N) No problem.
YolandaSnowIcon Until then.
(Y/N) Later, Yolanda.

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