This event were available from April 14th - April 24th, 2016, only for iOS players.

Glu Mobile, Apple, and WWF are working together to protect life on our planet.

Support WWF and earn exclusive clothing items and stickers in a new community event by purchasing special droplets.

Join Kendall and Kylie on an exclusive quest to help support WWF and unlock two new selfie backgrounds! (level 6+)

Purchasing Droplets

Earn event points by purchasing Droplets. WWF will receive 100% of the proceeds from your purchase.

You can buy Droplets by tapping the Support WWF button, or in the game's currency shop.

Note: Droplets are purchased with REAL money. Prices may vary from country to country as currancy values change.

PURCHASE Amount Cost
Droplets Pack 1 +Droplet5 $
Droplets Pack 2 +Droplet25 $
Droplets Pack 3 +Droplet125 $
Droplets Pack 4 +Droplet500 $


These rewards are earned by purchasing droplets:

Droplet 5 Droplet 10 Droplet 25 Droplet 50 Droplet 125 Droplet 500
Female WWFEventReward1 WWFEventReward2 WWFEventReward3 WWFEventReward4 WWFEventReward5 WWFEventReward6
Male WWFEventReward1 WWFEventReward2 MaleWWFReward3 WWFEventReward4 MaleWWFReward5 MaleWWFReward6

Work together as a community to reach the goals, and receive these rewards (all goals were reached):

1st goal 2nd goal 3rd goal 4th goal
Female WWFEventReward7 WWFEventReward8 WWFEventReward9 WWFEventReward10
Male MaleWWFReward7 MaleWWFReward8 MaleWWFReward9 MaleWWFReward10

Event Goals


At the end of Choice Aqua you will receive two selfie backgrounds:

SelfieBGWWF1 SelfieBGWWF2

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