This blog is for suggesting new ideas, features, design decisions and such...

So this is what's happening on the Wikia

  • I'm trying to update all goals to feature a goal Infobox where you put the Button (text) stuff and the goal rewards.
  • I'm also looking for a better picture of Quentin D'Lora. I want it to be a full body and clean picture. This is so I can edit it and make a transparent background pic for him as well. All you have to do is upload it to the wikia and I can edit it. But if you can edit pics, you'll welcome to do so!
  • The founder of this wikia, Heidiya, has not been active since the end of February (almost a month), and I'm thinking that this wikia needs a admin that's active. I'm trying to make contact with her to see if she's still interested in this wikia. Otherwise I'm going to try to adopt this wikia. I've also tried to reach out to the only other contributor to this wikia: Randomgiirl, to see what she thinks.
  • I'm also thinking about adding a Dialogue section to every Goal.

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