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PerryYoungIcon Hey! So, I think I found you some online work: QSalon, owned by Quentin D'Lora, is looking for some promotional work to be done.
(Y/N) Who?
PerryYoungIcon Quentin D'Lora owns the QSalon in Beverly Hills, which is one of the top salons around. I was hanging out with Emily at The Van Norman and he actually stopped in! I hear he's interested in buying out Gretta for the salon.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 Why?
BlackSpeechBubble 2 Did Gretta mention me?
PerryYoungIcon 1 I guess you haven't been going into work a lot, huh? Our post with Kendall and Kylie has really turned The Van Norm into a hot spot. Anyway, Mr. D'Lora's also interested in getting his haircare products promoted online. I told him I knew you, and that you were instrumental in turning The Van Norm around.
(Y/N) I see...
PerryYoungIcon I'm waiting to hear back from him, but I'll let you know! Let's grab a table and get lunch...
(Y/N) Sure.

StaciTaylorIcon (missing dialogue) but I said I knew someone with a bigger following that I could feature on my blog.
(Y/N) You recommended me?
StaciTaylorIcon (missing dialogue)
PerryYoungIcon Whoa! This is a great opportunity! We can film it at my place later.
(Y/N) Let's do it!
PerryYoungIcon Why don't you join us for lunch, Staci?
(Y/N) Yeah!
StaciTaylorIcon Thanks, Perry. I'd love to!
(Y/N) Great!