Lilah Zampelli invites you and Kendall to the big Zodiac event, but Kendall is busy. Maybe you can bring Kylie instead? Go ask her...

Kylie is busy too, but you can charm her for KGem20, and she'll go with you. Otherwise you'll have to go alone. However, you'll not receive a bonus for bringing Kylie to the event.


PerryTextIcon Great job on the commercial! Lilah's really happy with how it turned out ;^)
(Y/N) Glad to hear it!
PerryTextIcon She asked me if you'd like to attend the big Zodiac event with Kendall, but Kendall is busy :^p Maybe go check if Kylie can make it instead? Lilah would totally pay bonus if you got Kylie to attend!
(Y/N) Okay, I'll go ask her.

KylieJennerIcon (Y/N)! Yay! Give me a hug.
(Y/N) (Hug Kylie.)
KylieJennerIcon So, what's this Zodiac event thing that Perry was texting me about?
(Y/N) (Talk about Zodiac.)
KylieJennerIcon Really? That sounds like a totally fun event. I'd love to go with you, but Kendall wanted me to attend her modeling show...
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 Go to Kendall's show...
BlackSpeechBubble 2 (Use your charm.) KGem20
KylieJennerIcon 1 I'm so sorry I can't join you at the event, (Y/N). I told Kendall I'd be there for her...
2 You know what... Kendall's a big girl. She'll be fine. She's going to have so many more modeling shows I could go to... I'm sure she'll understand. I want to help you make the Zodiac event the best it can be. We're gonna have so much fun!
(Y/N) 1 It's okay. I understand!
2 (Hug Kylie.)
KylieJennerIcon 1 But listen, let me make it up to you sometime soon? We'll go out, party, dance and have some fun!
2 Just text me the details and I'll see you there, okay?
(Y/N) 1 Okay, later Kylie.
2 You got it!

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