The president of Decker surfwear, Cory Decker, has mentioned you to his friend Alexa Kapoor, who runs Westwood Acoustics.

They are looking for a west coast spokesperson, but they won't contact you until you reach 10K followers.


CoryText Hi (Y/N). It's Cory Decker. I'm the president of Decker surfwear.
(Y/N) Hi Cory
CoryText I mentioned your name to my friend who runs Westwood Acoustics. They make high end headphones and speakers. They're looking for a west coast spokesperson, so don't be surprised if Alexa Kapoor gives you a shout when you reach 10K followers.
(Y/N) Thanks for the hook-up
CoryText No probs. Take care.
(Y/N) Bye, Cory

AlexaText Hey (Y/N). It's Alexa Kapoor from Westwood Acoustics. The marketing team here really wants to sign you as a spokesperson.
(Y/N) Cool
AlexaText We have an opening for a west coast rep, but I honestly think that's too small a role. I want you to be our national spokesperson. You'll get more money, more responsibility, better gigs - plus 2 Kendall gift boxes.
(Y/N) Sold!
AlexaText Ha! Well, I can't give that to you right now. We need a higher profile - 100K followers.
(Y/N) Okay
AlexaText We look forward to signing you! In the meantime, enjoy this 1 Kendall gift box.
(Y/N) Thanks, Alexa.

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