Leave the concert by tapping the exit button. If you want you can change clothes by tapping the coat hanger icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap the pointer at the far left and choose Calabasas.

In Calabasas you bump into a security guard who won't let you into The Cantina. Perry suggests you charm the guard. This will cost you KGem1, but you have to do it to get in.

Charming people will get you the best result every time, but it will also cost you.


SecurityGuardIcon Hey, hey! Whoa... where do you two think you're going? This is a private function, and I don't see your names on the list...
(Y/N) But...
PerryYoungIcon What are you, the TSA? Hands off me! You didn't even check the list! Wait... you don't even know our names!
(Y/N) ...
SecurityGuardIcon I don't have time for this. Get lost, you two...
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 (Charm the guard.) KGem1
BlackSpeechBubble 2 Let us in!
PerryYoungIcon 2 Yelling is, well, one way to deal with it, but you're charming. Talk the security guard into helping us - we don't want to miss Kendall and Kylie! Using your natural charm - and believe me, you've got some - will get you where you wanna go.
(Y/N) Okay. I'll try..
SecurityGuardIcon Are you two still here?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 (Charm the guard.) KGem1
SecurityGuardIcon Hm... Perry... (Y/N)... oh! VIPs... uh... very sorry! Right this way...
(Y/N) Thanks.
PerryYoungIcon Nicely done! That charm of yours will get you the best results every time. Let's see if we can find Kylie and Kendall. Don't forget to vlog about the event for your new followers!
(Y/N) I'm on it!