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Available Actions

Tap pointers and complete actions to gain stars.

Modellingam Modeling

Time limit:
Bluestar needed:
5-Bluestar rating reward: Xp+100 Cash+125 Energy+3

The Cascata Event
Action Cost Reward Achievement
elegant turn Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2 Athleticam Athletic
fierce pose Energy 4 Bluestar+4 Xp+5 Cash+4
flash a smile Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2
killer look Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2 Stylisham Stylish
model pout Energy 8 Bluestar+8 Xp+9 Cash+11
perfect posture Energy 1 Bluestar+1 Xp+1 Cash+1
project confidence Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2
strut down catwalk Energy 5 Bluestar+5 Xp+4 Cash+6 Appearances Shine


PerryTextIcon Sorry I didn't ask for your permission to give out your number. Didn't think you'd mind if Angelo has it ;^)

How was your meeting?

(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 It was great! :D
BlackSpeechBubble 2 He's kind of odd lol
PerryTextIcon 1 That's exactly what he said, right before he booked you for his upcoming fashion show in New York!

Angelo wants you and Emily on stage to model his Cascata collection at Projekt in 8 hours. Get over there and show everyone you belong on the catwalk with the pros ;^)

Flaunt it like you got it, honey. Because you DO!

(Y/N) I will!

EmilySunIcon (Y/N), I can't believe we're actually here, on stage, TOGETHER! Welcome to the world of professional modeling, babe!
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble (Hug Emily.)
BlackSpeechBubble (Smile at Emily.)
EmilySunIcon I've been telling Angelo all about you. I know he's very excited to be working with you...
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 I appreciate that, Em!
BlackSpeechBubble 2 I'm excited too.
EmilySunIcon 1 It's the least I could do for you, (Y/N). You're my best friend! He asked me to show you the ropes, but honestly, you already know what you're doing. You don't need MY help, or anyone else's!

So what do you think of Angelo so far?

(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble a He's cool
BlackSpeechBubble b He's eccentric.
EmilySunIcon a He is! And he's a wonderfully creative designer who follows his visions and completely wears his heart on his sleeves. He's an artist, really. I should warn you though, he can be a little TOO passionate. Like any other passionate person, there are some ups and downs along the way. All in all, I would say working with Angelo has been an amazing experience, and I'm not just saying that because he calls me his muse, haha! As far as professional modeling goes, you could do a lot worse than working with Angelo. He's not at all egotistical, and he wants us to succeed.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble A Glad to hear it!
BlackSpeechBubble B (More about Angelo.)
EmilySunIcon A
B I don't know everything about him, but I can tell you the little I do know... He was born in Italy, but moved to America. His family was very poor. He had an older brother who was put up for adoption before Angelo was born. Angelo has dedicated his life to becoming a huge success so he could take care of his parents and make sure they retire in comfort. He's a relatively new designer, but he's also one of the hottest designers in the world right now... so, we're pretty lucky to work with him! That's just about everything I know about Angelo Gatti.
(Y/N) A
B Thanks for sharing.
EmilySunIcon C'mon, (Y/N). Let's work it and drop some jaws!
(Y/N) (Model with Emily.)

StaciTaylorIcon Staci Taylor @StaciTalk
@SunnySideEmily and (Y/N) put on a spectacular performance for @DesignByGatti's latest collection!

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