Kendall and Kylie are doing a street style shoot for POPSUGAR, and they want you to join them.

Available Actions

Tap pointers and complete actions to gain stars.

Photoshoots Photoshoots

Time limit: 1 hour
Bluestar needed: 25
5-Bluestar rating reward: Xp+20 Cash+50 KGem+1

Street Style Shoot
Action Cost Reward Achievement
brainstorm ideas Energy 8 Bluestar+9 Xp+9 Cash+8
check digital shots Energy 1 Bluestar+1 Xp+1 Cash+1
flurry of poses Energy 4 Bluestar+4 Xp+4 Cash+4 Virtuosoam Virtuoso
grab a drink Energy 3 Bluestar+2 Xp+3 Cash+3
new outfit Energy 5 Bluestar+4 Xp+5 Cash+6
pick new music Energy 1 Bluestar+1 Xp+1 Cash+1
rock some accessories Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2 Stylisham Stylish
work your angles Energy 3 Bluestar+3 Xp+3 Cash+3


KendallText (Y/N), come to NY. Kylie and I are doing a street style shoot for POPSUGAR. Your street style game is sick, so you should totally come.
(Y/N) Alright. I'll be there.
KendallText You're the best! Meet us at Caprice?
(Y/N) K

KylieJennerIcon Hey, (Y/N). Doing shoots with you and Kendall is so much better than doing them alone.
(Y/N) Totally agree.
KylieJennerIcon Ready to work it?
(Y/N) You know it!
KendallJennerIcon (Y/N), I'm so glad you came. I think this is going to be really fun.
(Y/N) No doubt.
KendallJennerIcon Let's do this!
(Y/N) (Fist bump.)
ZoePereiraIcon With you, Kendall and Kylie as my models, this is going to be easy!
(Y/N) (Smile.)

KendallJennerIcon Kendall Jenner @KendallJenner
Had a ton of fun doing a street style shoot for @POPSUGAR with @KylieJenner and @(Y/F/N). Check out the @POPSUGAR fashion section to up your style game!

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