Available Actions

Tap pointers and complete actions to gain stars.

Photoshoots Photoshoots

Time limit: 6 hours
Bluestar needed: 130
5-Bluestar rating reward: Xp+215 Cash+300 KGem+1

Apollo Running Shoes
Action Energy Cost Rewards Achievements
brainstorm ideas Energy 8 Bluestar+9 Xp+8 Cash+9
check digital shots Energy 1 Bluestar+1 Xp+1 Cash+1
flurry of poses Energy 4 Bluestar+4 Xp+4 Cash+4 Virtuosoam Virtuoso
grab a drink Energy 3 Bluestar+2 Xp+3 Cash+3
new outfit Energy 5 Bluestar+4 Xp+5 Cash+6
pick new music Energy 1 Bluestar+1 Xp+1 Cash+1
pose together Energy 5 Bluestar+9 Xp+6 Cash+20 Energy+1
rock some accessories Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2 Stylisham Stylish
work your angles Energy 3 Bluestar+3 Xp+3 Cash+3


PerryTextIcon (Y/N), I just got a hot tip.
(Y/N) What's that?
PerryTextIcon There's a premiere party coming up for the new Gothic horror movie Crimson Scream about a vampire and a werewolf that fall in love. All the stars will be there, it's gonna be a blast.
(Y/N) Sounds fun.
PerryTextIcon Totally. And I know they're looking to invite some extra people. The thing is, they're looking for people who fit the horror look, dark and moody.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 Let's go!
BlackSpeechBubble 2 Huh.
PerryTextIcon 1 I'm down. But the thing is to get invited you have to get noticed. There's an ad shoot coming up, could be a good way to get your face out there.
(Y/N) Okay.
PerryTextIcon I know of two. One is for running shoes and the other is for perfume. Which one do you think will be more noticed by the horror producers?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble a Running shoes.
BlackSpeechBubble b Perfume.
PerryTextIcon a Okay, I'll set it up.
(Y/N) Great.

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