Rival is a model and social media personality.

You first meet this character in the goal Customer Satisfaction.

Your Rival will be the same gender as you and named Aubrey Maddison if you play as a female, or Logan Prescott if you play as a male.


Rival's mother is someone who Gretta Van Norman used to owe a lot of money.

According to Rival she/he is rich (or at least their parents are)

Rival once paid Staci Taylor a lot of money to follow (Y/N) around and get some dirt about (Y/N). However,the relationship between Staci and Rival was (and somewhat still is) professional and ultimately are not friends.

According to Emily Sun, they used to be friends. In a fight over a model job for fashion designer Angelo Gatti, Rival posted mean things about Emily to get her to drop out of the running.

Us Weekly once concidered Rival to be the next Hot Rising Star, but she/he missed out on in to (Y/N).

Rival displays a self-serving personality and mindset in both their romantic and professional relationships. Driven by an unquenchable hunger for fame and popularity, they will do whatever it takes to achieve he/she's goals, even if it means stepping on others to get there. This is especially true for the main character. Rival has a tendency of being aggressively manipulative, and does not attempt to hide it from (Y/N) or those you associate with.

Love Life

At one point Rival was dating Perry Young, but they broke up. However, at Brizzy's after party Rival and Perry were all over each other. Not long after that, Perry confirmed that they were back together.

After some time back together Perry Young breaks up with Rival.

Based on Perry's description of his and Rival's rocky relationship, it's safe to say that the relationship was emotionally abusive.

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