Perry has got a new office, and he wants you to go check it out.


PerryTextIcon It's official! The office is MINE! Just made the payments and moving in rn
(Y/N) Can I come see?
PerryTextIcon You better! I'll text you the directions.
(Y/N) Cool be right over!

PerryYoungIcon Well? Isn't it AMAZING? I can't believe I have my own office... It's not totally ready yet, though. I still have to unpack stuff and, you know, really move in. Still, this feels great!
(Y/N) I'm proud of you, Perry!
PerryYoungIcon Thanks, (Y/N). That means a lot to me. And I couldn't have gotten where I am without you. I'll never forget that.
(Y/N) You better not!
PerryYoungIcon I'm sure if it would ever slip my mind, you'd quickly remind me, haha. But seriously, I'm commited to take you to the top! Lilah was extremly happy with you, by the way. She'd love if you did a quick vlog to review the Zodiac event. Spread some more buzz. Down for it?
(Y/N) Absolutely!
PerryYoungIcon Great! You still have my spare key, right? You can do the vlog there. I'll meet you at my place in a little bit... As for me, I'll call Lilah and make sure you get paid for the vlog. After that... I'm gonna turn up some tunes and dance around my new office like a mad man!
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble Don't hurt yourself!
BlackSpeechBubble Have fun, Perry!

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