Dialogue Edit

LaneWheelerText hey (Y/N)
(Y/N) it's kylie's friend lane
LaneWheelerText sup?
(Y/N) i want to ask you about something
LaneWheelerText k
(Y/N) i'd like to tell you in person. can you meet at cantina?
LaneWheelerText alright
LaneWheelerIcon (Y/N), thanks so much for coming.
(Y/N) So what's up?
LaneWheelerIcon The Panoramic Studios Short Film Festival is coming up, and I was hoping I could cast you in my movie.
(Y/N) What's it about?
LaneWheelerIcon It's a film noir parody called Sorry, Wrong Txt. A woman named Dylan gets a text meant for someone else. The text reads - and that's how we'll get rid of the body.
(Y/N) Oh snap.
LaneWheelerIcon Ha! Anyway, Dylan goes to the police, but the cops say they can't do anything. Dylan hires a private investigator, and the two race against time to prevent a murder.
(Y/N) What will I play?
LaneWheelerIcon The hard-boiled detective Mack - short for Mackenzie. Dylan, the girl-next-door with a tragic past, will be played by Emma Lawrence, a really talented actress.
(Y/N) Alright, I'm in.
LaneWheelerIcon You are? Awesome! Panoramic is offering free studio time for people to shoot their short films. Can you meet me there in a bit?
(Y/N) Sure.
LaneWheelerIcon You rock! Thank you!
(Y/N) You're welcome.

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