You've won Elenor Callaway's model competition, and you've got to do a vlog and tell your fans about it.

Available Actions

Tap pointers and complete actions to gain stars.

Trouper Video

Time limit: 4 hours
Bluestar needed: 48
5-Bluestar rating reward: Xp+100 Cash+250 Energy+3 KGem+1

Model Comp Vlog
Action Cost Reward Achievement
amusing anecdote Energy 5 Bluestar+6 Xp+4 Cash+5
dish details Energy 6 Bluestar+8 Xp+5 Cash+6
flattering lighting Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2
funny aside Energy 4 Bluestar+4 Xp+4 Cash+4 Appearances Shine
give fresh perspective Energy 5 Bluestar+7 Xp+4 Cash+7
lay it all out there Energy 4 Bluestar+3 Xp+4 Cash+3
post production tweaks Energy 2 Bluestar+2 Xp+2 Cash+2 Virtuosoam Virtuoso
put in web links Energy 3 Bluestar+3 Xp+3 Cash+3
re-enact scene Energy 5 Bluestar+7 Xp+4 Cash+7
shout outs Energy 3 Bluestar+3 Xp+3 Cash+4 Refinedam Refined
AddContact witty comment Energy 5 Bluestar+9 Xp+6 Cash+20 Energy+1 Virtuosoam Professional


PerryTextIcon I just heard you won Elenor's model competition. I knew you could do it!
(Y/N) Thanks, Perry
PerryTextIcon Getting Elenor's stamp of approval is going to be absolutely huge in getting you better gigs. Man, I'm so happy right now.
(Y/N) Me too!
PerryTextIcon You got to tell your fans about this!
(Y/N) I'll do a vlog
PerryTextIcon Great.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 Btw, how was your family dinner?
BlackSpeechBubble 2 Later, Perry
PerryTextIcon 1 It wasn't as bad as I thought. When I talked about helping you with your career, my dad actually stopped chewing his steak to listen. That right there is my father's version of a compliment.
(Y/N) 1 Nice!
PerryTextIcon 1 Thanks for asking. Take care, (Y/N).
(Y/N) 1 You too, Perry

StaciTaylorIcon Staci Taylor @StaciTalk
@(Y/N) has broken into the exclusive ranks of @ElenorCallaway's models. Apparently, she got in based on talent and attitude.

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