Detective Hawkins from the Cyber Crimes Division wants to meet up with you and talk over the details of your case.

He plans on doing everything he can to get to the bottom of this phone hacking scandal, and he wants you to keep your eyes open as well.

You think he could be a good guy for Emily, so you try to find out if he has a girlfriend or not. It turns out he's single...


MikeText Hi, is this (Y/N)?
(Y/N) Yup.
MikeText I'm Detective Hawkins with the Cyber Crimes Division. Your number came up as one of the recently hacked phones. Is that correct?
(Y/N) Yes.
MikeText I'd like to meet with you to talk over all these details. Could you meet me at Gregs in West Hollywood.
(Y/N) Okay, see you there.

MikeHawkinsIcon Hi, (Y/N), thanks for meeting me. I hope you'll excuse the clothes, I'm undercover.
(Y/N) No problem.
MikeHawkinsIcon The point is I'm going to try and get to the bottom of this whole phone hacking scandal. It sucks that it happened and I want to catch whoever did this to you.
(Y/N) Thanks.
MikeHawkinsIcon The truth is, this is my first case. I just graduated from the academy.
(Y/N) Wow.
MikeHawkinsIcon I'm kind of nervous but I plan on doing anything in my power to solve the case.
(Y/N) Can I help?
MikeHawkinsIcon Just keep your eyes open, see if you notice anything.
(Y/N) Okay.
MikeHawkinsIcon Any more questions?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble Are you single?
BlackSpeechBubble Any special person in your life?
MikeHawkinsIcon Haha. No girlfriend right now. Why?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble No reason.
BlackSpeechBubble I might know someone.
MikeHawkinsIcon Well, let's talk soon.
(Y/N) For sure.

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