Meet up with acting coach Isaac Hoffman and try to convince him to add you to his acting class.

You can impress Isaac for KGem20, or show him your commercial.

  • If you chose to impress Isaac, the storyline continues with Acting Class.
  • If you chose to show him your commercial, the storyline continues with Acting Credits.


PerryTextIcon Zoe sent me the headshots. Looking good, (Y/N)!
(Y/N) Thx!
PerryTextIcon Talked to Isaac Hoffman. He's the acting coach with the boot-camp program. Bad news is he said his class is full...
(Y/N) What's the GOOD news?
PerryTextIcon Good news is I convinced him to meet with you. Maybe you can get him to squeeze you in! Meet him at Cantina in Calabasas. You got this :^)
(Y/N) I hope so!

IsaacHoffmanIcon Greetings, (Y/N). My name is Isaac Hoffman, and my time is money, so I'll appreciate you not wasting any of it. The only reason I took this meeting is because your manager wouldn't stop calling me until I agreed to meet with you...
(Y/N) And I appreciate it!
IsaacHoffmanIcon You're here. I'm here. Here we are. Now, impress me. Convince me. WHY should I let you into my class?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 (Impress Isaac.) KGem20
BlackSpeechBubble 2 (Show your commercial.)
IsaacHoffmanIcon 1 Not bad at all, (Y/N). Concider me somewhat impressed... I can see a future for you in Hollywood. That is, as long as you attend and pass my class!
2 That's it? One, short commercial? This is the performance you were hoping would convince me that you've got a future in Hollywood? It's not the WORST think I've ever seen, but it's hardly enough to convince me that you have a future in Hollywood. That you're worth my time...
(Y/N) 1 So... I'm in?
2 Oh...
IsaacHoffmanIcon 1 You're in. It would be a shame to squander natural talent like yours! I'll work out the details with your manager and see you on set for my class. Be on time!
2 You look like you're ready to give up. Don't. Imagine if you had given up when you were learning to walk as a child just because you stumbled... Get up, get out there, and learn to walk the Hollywood walk. Show me what you can do. CONVINCE me you're worth teaching, and I will teach you. Find a small project to help you showcase your acting talent, and when I'm impressed, I'll get in touch. Until then, good luck.
(Y/N) 1 Thank you!
2 Thanks...

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