You're going to face Rival on Shade Showdown Radio. In order to have a chance of winning, Perry Young thinks you should go talk to Rival's ex-friends. See if you can find some dirt about Rival by talking to Fay...


PerryTextIcon (Y/N), it's official! You'll be facing (Rival) on Shade Showdown Radio!
(Y/N) Think I can win?
PerryTextIcon I hope so, but I want to make sure you've got lots of dirt on (Rival) before the shade showdown starts... I reached out to some of (Rival)'s ex-friends...
(Y/N) EX-friends?
PerryTextIcon Trust me. (Rival) burned a LOT of relationships with her terrible attitude and behaviour. Talk to her ex-friends to get some dirt! (Rival)'s first ex-friend you should talk to is Fay. She actually works at Van Norm from time to time. Hit her up for some dirt!
(Y/N) On my way!

FaySmellieIcon (Y/N), right? Perry texted me and told me you'd be coming by. So you're looking for dirt on (Rival), huh? What for?
(Y/N) (Shade Showdown Radio.)
FaySmellieIcon Oh yeah? Well, I can definitely dish some dirt on (Rival) that might help you win the shade showdown, but I'll need you to do something for me...
(Y/N) Name it.
FaySmellieIcon I know you're becoming pretty popular online, and I'd love if you could help me out with one of my styling vlogs, right here at the salon. In return, I'll tell you something embarrasing about (Rival). Deal?
(Y/N) Deal!
FaySmellieIcon Okay, here's the dirt. Way back when we were friends, (Rival) used to make fun of me for my last name, Smellie. Not cool, right? Anyway, years later I learned that (Rival) used to call ME smelly because she/he was insecure about her/his own SERIOUS B.O. Issue! There's a reason you never see (Rival) working out or doing ANYTHING that might make her break a sweat...
(Y/N) Yikes...
FaySmellieIcon Yep. That's the stinky truth. I hope that helps you on Shade Showdown! So, ready to do this vlog with me?
(Y/N) Let's do it, Fay.

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