Perry Young sends you to The Cantina to meet another one of Rival's ex-friends: Duncan Reeves.


PerryTextIcon (Y/N), meet up with Duncan Reeves at Cantina when you have time. Another one of (Rival)'s ex friends with some dirt to share!
(Y/N) Will do.

DuncanReevesIcon Hey, you must be Perry's friend, (Y/N).
(Y/N) I must be.
DuncanReevesIcon Nice to meet you. I'm Duncan Reeves. Perry told me you're looking for some dirt on (Rival). How come?
(Y/N) (Shade Showdown Radio.)
DuncanReevesIcon So you're going to give (Rival) some of her/his own sour medicine? I'm all for that. I've got no love left for her/him.
(Y/N) That's the plan!
DuncanReevesIcon (Rival) used to treat me terribly. I don't know why I was ever dumb enough to be friends with her/him... I hate bullies and bullying, but (Rival) definitely needs to be knocked off her/his high horse. I hope you win the shade showdown, (Y/N).
(Y/N) Me too!
DuncanReevesIcon I wrote you a list of all the absurd and embarrassing things I could remember from when (Rival) and I were still friends.
(Y/N) A whole LIST?
DuncanReevesIcon I had a lot to get off my chest. Anyway, I have to go meet up with my band for practice... Oh, talk to Perry for some real juicy dirt. He definitely knows some embarrassing things about (Rival).
(Y/N) Good idea. Thanks Duncan!

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