As you progress you will have more options to customize your character. Levels and costs are approximate.

Everything listed are free starters unless noted.


MaleFace1 MaleFace2 MaleFace3 MaleFace4 MaleFace5
Available Skin Tones
SkinTone1 SkinTone2 SkinTone3 SkinTone4 SkinTone5


MaleLips1 MaleLips2 MaleLips3 MaleLips4 MaleLips5


MaleNose1 MaleNose2 MaleNose3 MaleNose4 MaleNose5
MaleNose6 MaleNose7 MaleNose8 MaleNose9 MaleNose10
MaleNose11 MaleNose12 MaleNose13 MaleNose14 MaleNose15
MaleNose16 MaleNose17 MaleNose18 MaleNose19 MaleNose20
MaleNose21 MaleNose22 MaleNose23 MaleNose24 MaleNose25


MaleEyes1 MaleEyes2 MaleEyes3 MaleEyes4 MaleEyes5
MaleEyes6 MaleEyes7 MaleEyes8 MaleEyes9 MaleEyes10
MaleEyes11 MaleEyes12 MaleEyes13 MaleEyes14 MaleEyes15
MaleEyes16 MaleEyes17 MaleEyes18 MaleEyes19 MaleEyes20
MaleEyes21 MaleEyes22 MaleEyes23 MaleEyes24 MaleEyes25


MaleEyebrows1 MaleEyebrows2 MaleEyebrows3 MaleEyebrows4 MaleEyebrows5
MaleEyebrows6 MaleEyebrows7 MaleEyebrows8 MaleEyebrows9 MaleEyebrows10
MaleEyebrows11 MaleEyebrows12 MaleEyebrows13 MaleEyebrows14 MaleEyebrows15
MaleEyebrows16 MaleEyebrows17 MaleEyebrows18 MaleEyebrows19 MaleEyebrows20
MaleEyebrows21 MaleEyebrows22 MaleEyebrows23 MaleEyebrows24 MaleEyebrows25
MaleEyebrows26 MaleEyebrows27 MaleEyebrows28 MaleEyebrows29 MaleEyebrows30
MaleEyebrows31 MaleEyebrows32 MaleEyebrows33 MaleEyebrows34 MaleEyebrows35
MaleEyebrows36 MaleEyebrows37 MaleEyebrows38 MaleEyebrows39 MaleEyebrows40
MaleEyebrows41 MaleEyebrows42 MaleEyebrows43 MaleEyebrows44 MaleEyebrows45
MaleEyebrows46 MaleEyebrows47 MaleEyebrows48 MaleEyebrows49 MaleEyebrows50

Coathangericon Face MaleHair MaleTops MaleBottoms MaleShoes MaleAccessories
Customization Face Hair Tops Bottoms Shoes Accessories

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