This event was available July 1-3, 2016


Earn 5-heart ratings on dates to get event points!

LFSHeart 25 LFSHeart 75 LFSHeart 150 LFSHeart 250 LFSHeart 375 LFSHeart 625
Female LFSGiftbox LFSGiftbox LFS0701F1 LFSGiftbox LFS0701F2 LFS0701F3
Male LFSGiftbox LFSGiftbox LFS0701M1 LFSGiftbox LFS0701M2 LFS0701M3


Each item you own increases the number of event points rewarded from getting a 5-heart rating on dates in this event! Opening a box costs KGem80.


HeartEyeSticker 1 HeartEyeSticker 5 HeartEyeSticker 15 HeartEyeSticker 50
Female LFSSticker LFS0701F4 LFS0701F5 LFS0701F6
Male LFSSticker LFS0701M4 LFS0701M5 LFS0701M6

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