You're moving up in the world, so Perry Young thinks it's time you look the part. For starters, you need to have your own home, so start looking for your own place.

To buy a home, you need to travel to that home and enter it. Inside the home you will meet Gloria Stephens. Talk to her and she'll tell you all about that home. Then she'll ask you if you're interested in buying it. If you have the Cashcash or KGemk-gems to buy it, you can.

For a full list of available homes, see Category:Houses.


PerryTextIcon (Y/N), you're moving up in the world, so it's time you look the part.
(Y/N) K, how?
PerryTextIcon For starters, you can't be renting. You need to have your own place. Besides, you deserve it!
(Y/N) Alright, np
PerryTextIcon Cool, happy house hunting!
(Y/N) Thanks, P

PerryTextIcon Just heard about your new place in (location name). Congrats!
(Y/N) Thanks, P
PerryTextIcon Can't wait to check out your view!
(Y/N) Anytime.
PerryTextIcon Alright, enjoy!
(Y/N) Later, P

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