After the party at Kendall's place you get a text from Perry. He thinks you'd be an awesome spokesperson, and he wants to get you partnership deals. But before he can approach companies he wants you to gain 1,000 followers.


PerryTextIcon Hey (Y/N). I just thought of something. Now that you're making a name for yourself, we should try getting you partnership deals. You'd make an awesome spokesperson, imho.
(Y/N) I'd be down
PerryTextIcon Great! Before I start approaching companies, let's get your followers to 1,000.
(Y/N) Sounds like a plan
PerryTextIcon Cool, I'll be in touch soon.
(Y/N) Later, P
RivalText (Y/N), why don't you go back to whatever hole you climbed out from.
(Y/N) Excuse me?
RivalText It's time someone filled you in, you're never going to make it big.
(Y/N) Why are you texting me?
RivalText Consider this a courtesy. L8r.
(Y/N) Whatever.

RivalText (Y/N), don't think just because you have a thousand followers you're a big deal. You'll always be chasing me.
(Y/N) Excuse me?
RivalText Plus, I heard there's a mega party coming up, The White and Gold Gala, very exclusive. And guess who's on the waiting list. That's right: me. Not you.
(Y/N) So you're not invited.
RivalText I'm on the waiting list. It's almost like being invited. Whatever. Stop texting me.
(Y/N) You texted me.
RivalText I thought I'd put you out of your misery. My mistake for being so nice.
(Y/N) Whatever.
PerryTextIcon (Y/N), I just found out about an upcoming party, The White and Gold Gala.
(Y/N) (Rival) told me.
PerryTextIcon Oh, yeah. (Rival) really wants in. But I want to try and get you on that list. It should be a real who's who. So get your followers up and I think we can do it.
(Y/N) Great.