You have joined a krew. Learn how to send kred to a krew member.

Enter the krew chat and tap a krew member's headshot to collect and send kred.


PerryTextIcon You joined a krew - nice! Did you know you can get yourself new clothing by collecting kred?
(Y/N) Kred?
PerryTextIcon Kred shows how active you are in your krew. You can send kred to your krew members...
(Y/N) How?
PerryTextIcon In chat, tap a krew member's headshot, then send to give them kred; tap collect to get the kred someone's sent you.
(Y/N) Then what?
PerryTextIcon Collecting kred earns you gift boxes. Open them to win exclusive rewards!
(Y/N) Got it. Thanks!

PerryTextIcon Good job sending kred! Did you know you can also throw parties with your krew?
(Y/N) No...
PerryTextIcon Every time you and members from your krew throw a 5-star party, everyone at the party gets a gift box!
(Y/N) How's that work?
PerryTextIcon You can start a party in any home you own by tapping the new party icon. You'll automatically send a chat message to your krew letting them know a party is on! You can join a party by RSVPing in krew chat by tapping the party icon on the host's display pic at the top of the screen.
(Y/N) Then what?
PerryTextIcon You'll receive a goal telling you when the party is - just go there like you would any gig.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble Got it.
BlackSpeechBubble One more time...

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