There are many templates in use in Kendall and Kylie Wiki. These are not all of them, but some of the most used ones. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it.



Character Icons

Goals, Dialogues & Feed Text Messages
AlexaText Template:AlexaText
CoryText Template:CoryText
DebbieRoseIcon Template:DebbieRose
ElenorCallawayIcon Template:ElenorCallaway
EmilySunIcon Template:EmilySun EmilyTextIcon Template:EmilyText
GloriaStephensIcon Template:GloriaStephens
GrettaVanNormanIcon Template:GrettaVanNorman
JasonCabrerraIcon Template:JasonCabrerra
KendallJennerIcon Template:KendallJenner KendallText Template:KendallText
KristaMartinIcon Template:KristaMartin
KylieJennerIcon Template:KylieJenner KylieText Template:KylieText
MCBrizzyIcon Template:MCBrizzy
PaigeWilliamsIcon Template:PaigeWilliams
PerryYoungIcon Template:PerryYoung PerryTextIcon Template:PerryText
QuentinDLoraIcon Template:QuentinDLora QuentinText Template:QuentinText
RivalIcon Template:Rival Template:RivalText
RyanSingerIcon Template:RyanSinger
SecurityGuardIcon Template:SecurityGuard
StaciTaylorIcon Template:StaciTaylor StaciText Template:StaciText
ZoePereiraIcon Template:ZoePereira

Other Icons

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