You've got a job offering at 2.0. Just head over there for an interview...


TimHaltonIcon Can I help you?
(Y/N) 1. I'm here about a job opening... Energy10
2. (Come back later.)
TimHaltonIcon Hm... no real experience, but you're in luck. I won't lie... I am stretched thin, and I've had zero good candidates. Plus there's something I need someone like you for in the short-term! I'll take you on.
(Y/N) Wow. When do I start?
TimHaltonIcon Very soon! I'm holding a buyer's fashion show for my personal fashion line. I just need someone to pose in the clothing - no experience necessary. As long as you can stand quietly and look good you've got the job. You'll do it?
(Y/N) Of course!
TimHaltonIcon Welcome to 2.0, (Y/N). I will let you know when to come in.
(Y/N) Okay!