You find out from Perry that Rival is at the QSalon, but trying to stop Rival is harder than you expect - Rival just laughs it off. Now you get an option to blackmail her by releasing an embarrasing video of hers...


PerryTextIcon You landed? Nice you're back! Let's hang out.
(Y/N) (Ask about Logan/Aubrey.)
PerryTextIcon I dunno. I think he/she's getting his/her hair done @ QSalon. Why?
(Y/N) (Don't reply.)

RivalIcon What are you doing here? Oh... are you... working? Are you even allowed to speak to people? Haha. I should tweet that...
(Y/N) 1. What are you doing to Emily? Energy 10
2. (Come back later.)
RivalIcon Relax, spaz! If Emily can't handle a little shade online, she wouldn't make it anyway!
(Y/N) Just stop doing it!
RivalIcon Or what? You won't cut my bangs properly? Haha. I'm for sure tweeting that.
(Y/N) 1. I'll leak the graduation party video...
2. I have nothing...
3. I'll leak the spring break video...
RivalIcon 1. You wouldn't! You're such a little skeez. Fine... it's not like I need to do anything to beat Emily, anyway.
(Y/N) Whatever.

EmilyTextIcon I stuck with it and I got the modeling job!
(Y/N) I thought you might.
EmilyTextIcon Logan/Aubrey did, too. oh well.
(Y/N) smh...
EmilyTextIcon Thanks again for not letting me quit! I'm going to put in a good word for you!
(Y/N) No problem!

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