Giftboxes are boxes in the game that you can open for free or buy for KGemk-gems, and win items such as stickers, clothes and accessories, Cashcash, KGemk-gems, Energyenergy and more. There are three types of giftboxes: Rainbow Giftbox, Kylie Giftbox, Kendall Giftbox, and when you open them you always get to choose between nine giftboxes of each type.


Image Sticker Type Free K-Gems
Giftbox RainbowSticker Rainbow Giftbox every 24 hours KGem 20
KingKylieGiftbox KylieIcon Kylie Giftbox every 3 days KGem 50
KendallGiftbox KendallIcon Kendall Giftbox every 7 days KGem 120


Rainbow Giftbox
RainbowSticker 1 RainbowSticker 5 RainbowSticker 10 RainbowSticker 20 RainbowSticker 40
Male RainbowGBR M4

Kylie Giftbox
KylieIcon 1 KylieIcon 5 KylieIcon 10 KylieIcon 20 KylieIcon 40

Kendall Giftbox
KendallIcon 1 KendallIcon 5 KendallIcon 10 KendallIcon 20 KendallIcon 40
Male KendallGBR M1 KendallGBR M2 KendallGBR M3 KendallGBR M4 KendallGBR M5
KendallGBR S1 KendallGBR S2 KendallGBR S3 KendallGBR S4 KendallGBR S5 KendallGBR S6
KendallGBR S7 KendallGBR S8 KendallGBR S9 KendallGBR S10 KendallGBR S11 KendallGBR S12
KendallGBR S13 KendallGBR S14 KendallGBR S15 KendallGBR S16 KendallGBR S17

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