Your Feed works as a social media app within the game. Here you can post selfies, and the results of every project and date, in the hopes of gaining more followers. Also, you are able to see and like some of your real-life friends' and krew member's posts.

Club Rewards

Image Club Reward Dialogue
100Club 100 Club
1KClub 1K Club
10KClub 10K Club
100KClub 100K Club
1MClub 1M Club
1BClub 1B Club

Most Followed List Rewards

TOP Reward
350 Energy+1 Cash+250 KGem+5
325 Energy+1 Cash+250 KGem+5
300 Energy+1 Cash+250 KGem+5
275 Energy+2 Cash+500 KGem+10
250 Energy+2 Cash+500 KGem+10
225 Energy+2 Cash+500 KGem+10
200 Energy+2 Cash+500 KGem+10
175 Energy+2 Cash+500 KGem+10
150 Energy+2 Cash+1 000 KGem+15
125 Energy+2 Cash+1 000 KGem+15
100 Energy+5 Cash+2 500 KGem+20
75 Energy+5 Cash+2 500 KGem+20
50 Energy+5 Cash+2 500 KGem+20
25 Energy+10 Cash+10 000 KGem+25
10 Energy+15 Cash+15 000 KGem+50
5 Energy+30 Cash+25 000 KGem+200

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