You've chosen to use the dirt you've found on Jason Cabrerra to your advantage.

Go confront him at his office!


JasonCabrerraIcon You? What do you want? Come here to beg me to not ruin you?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble Hi, Dicki... Energy10
BlackSpeechBubble (Come back later.)
JasonCabrerraIcon What... How did you...?
(Y/N) Rebecca Allison. Heard of it?
JasonCabrerraIcon WHAT?! I thought they deleted user info... Okay, okay... I get where this is going. What do you want?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble Don't air the podcast
BlackSpeechBubble Leave me alone!
JasonCabrerraIcon I... fine. But I gotta air something! My fans expect it. I never miss an episode...
(Y/N) Hm...
JasonCabrerraIcon Will you be my guest again? I promise I won't mention anything bad! It'll be flattering - you keep my secret; I keep yours, right? We can even record it on your turf. Wherever you want...
(Y/N) Fine... We're going to Perry's.

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