Debbie Rose wants to talk with you. Head over to your rented room and see what she has to say.

Gretta Van Norman, your boss, has been trying to get a hold of you, but not been able to. So Debbie brings you the news; you're fired!

But Debbie has two job opportunities lined up for you; as a sales associate at 2.0 Clothing or as a server at Greg's Restaurant. The choice is yours...


DebbieText We need to talk... can you come to Santa Monica? - Debbie
(Y/N) Okay...

DebbieRoseIcon Gretta's been trying to get a hold of you, but apparently can't. You've been MIA at work, so she's fired you! Now a young, able person like you needs a job, so I found some places that are hiring.
(Y/N) What are they?
DebbieRoseIcon Well... 2.0 is looking for sales associates; that's an upscale clothing boutique. Greg's is a very nice restaurant, which is looking for servers. What do you think?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 I'll check out 2.0...
BlackSpeechBubble 2 I'll check out Greg's...

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