If you're looking for the character with the same name, see DJ EZ-Flo.

Meet up with DJ EZ-Flo, and try to convince her to DJ at the party to save the Ski Resort.

After you've met DJ EZ-Flo, you see Rival tweeting about the party.


Template:DJEZFlo You're (Y/N), right?
(Y/N) Yup.
Template:DJEZFlo I'm...
(Y/N) DJ EZ-Flo.
Template:DJEZFlo You can call me Karen. Kendall talks about you all the time! What's up?
(Y/N) (Explain JH situation.)
Template:DJEZFlo JH is closing down? That sucks. My friends and I have been riding there for years.
(Y/N) (Pitch the idea of a party.)
Template:DJEZFlo A bash to save JH? Amazing! Is there anything I can do to help?
(Y/N) DJ it?
Template:DJEZFlo No problem. Hey, what are you doing tonight?
(Y/N) Nothing yet.
Template:DJEZFlo I'm starting my residency at The Beverly tonight. The busier the club, the happier the owner. Think you could pop by? I'm sure once word gets out that you'll be there, lots more people will show.
(Y/N) I'll be there.
Template:DJEZFlo Thanks! Catch ya later then.
(Y/N) Bye, Karen.

RivalIcon Aubrey Maddison/Logan Prescott @AubreyMaddison/LoganPrescott
Huge party at Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Gonna be insane!

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