Kendall Jenner has heard that you and Emily Sun are having problems, so she invites you to her place to talk...


KendallText heard you and Emily were having problems, like you've had a falling out. always sucks to lose a friend. if you want to talk, we could meet up and talk about stuff
(Y/N) I'd love to, actually
KendallText come by my place. you can just vent I'm actually a really good listener. or we could talk about something else if you want. see you soon?
(Y/N) Yeah

KendallJennerIcon Hey (Y/N). You look like you've had a really rough day. Hugs?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 (Hug Kendall.)
BlackSpeechBubble 2 No worries. I'm tough.
KendallJennerIcon 1 I invited Emily to come hang out too, hoping that I could help the two of you figure things out... She thought about it for a second and then she just said she was too busy. She seemed pretty distant.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble a Not surprised...
BlackSpeechBubble b (Blame (Rival).)
KendallJennerIcon a I've seen this before, to be honest. Some people just don't know how to separate their professional and personal relationships. Especially when they see someone close to them succeeding, and surpassing them. Jealousy is a horrible thing... Don't ever worry about that happening with me, okay? Work is work, but you're my friend and nothing we do professionally will ever change that. Anyway, let's hang out, vent and unwind!
(Y/N) Sounds good!

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