Perry Young thinks you should join a krew; your group of BFFs.

Start or join a krew to:

  • Chat in real-time chat with krew members.
  • See krew members' posts in your feed.
  • Get fab krew exclusive clothing.

Tap the phone icon at the bottom of your screen to get started.


PerryTextIcon Hey! Have you heard all the talk about krews?
(Y/N) What's a krew?
PerryTextIcon Your krew is your group of BFFs. You can live-chat with your krew AND get new clothing not available anywhere else.
(Y/N) How?
PerryTextIcon Open your contacts and hit the new krew tab. You can join an existing krew or start your own - then you just gotta invite your friends you want to join you!
(Y/N) Thanks for the info!

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