You and Emily Sun are disguised as Kendall and Kylie to help the Jenner sisters sneak in to LAX without being noticed by the paparazzi...


EmilySunIcon (Y/N)! OMG, we look so ridiculous disguised like Kendall and Kylie...
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble 1 RIGHT?!
BlackSpeechBubble 2 What? I look totes fabulous!
EmilySunIcon 2 (Y/N), you can't look anything BUT fab! Haha!

1&2 I can't lie though, Kendall's clothes look pretty great on me. Still though... I can't believe they wanted us to do this... or that I said yes, haha. Then again, I was in the middle of a date with a stage four clinger when Kylie texted me, so I was ready to take any excuse to split!

(Y/N) You have the worst dates...
EmilySunIcon You're telling me? Last week I went out with a guy who couldn't stop talking about his magical card game collection or something... He was so boring, he totally caught me datenapping during the appetizers. We both knew the date was over then and there... Ah well, at least I'm not dating (Rival)! Poor Perry. He really needs to quit her/him. Anyway, do you think these Kendall and Kylie disguised will actually work and fool the paparazzi? I mean, how dumb could they be?
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble No idea...
BlackSpeechBubble There's no way...
DaxWarrenIcon Kendall! Kylie! Over here, can you pose for a picture! C'mon! Pose for a quick picture! Please? Kendall! Kylie! Just one PICTURE! OKAY maybe two... or three...
(Y/N) (Hide your face.)
EmilySunIcon Well I guess that answers the question about the disguises working!
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble You've got to be kidding me!
BlackSpeechBubble I can't believe it's working...
EmilySunIcon I know, right? UGH! Wow, they are PUSHY!
(Y/N) Just avoid them!
EmilySunIcon Hopefully Kendall and Kylie are using this opportunity to sneak to their plane right now!
(Y/N) They better be!
DaxWarrenIcon Kendall! What do you think about the rumor that you'll be modeling for PlayBabe Magazine? Let's get a reaction shot? Just a quick picture! Kylie, is it true you spent a fortune on diamond studded grillz? Flash us a blingy smile!
(Y/N) (Stay disguised.)
DaxWarrenIcon C'mon girls, just one photo! Don't be so rude! It's rude to ignore your fans! We adore you, and this is how you treat us?
(Y/N) (Ignore paparazzi.)
DaxWarrenIcon C'mon girls, just ONE GOOD PICTURE! This new camera won't pay for itself!
(Y/N) (Roll eyes.)
EmilySunIcon WOW, this is ANNOYING! But I have some good news! I just got a text from Kylie. She and Kendall managed to sneak into the airport undetected, thanks to us!
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble a It worked!
BlackSpeechBubble b (High five Emily.)
EmilySunIcon a Totally!

a&b Let's get rid of these disguises!

EmilySunIcon I can't wait to see the look on the paparazzo's face when we reveal that we aren't really Kendall and Kylie. Let's get these disguises off!
(Y/N) (Remove your Kylie disguise.)
DaxWarrenIcon What the -- what's going on? What just happened here?! YOU'RE NOT KENDALL AND KYLIE JENNER!
(Y/N) Well DUH!
DaxWarrenIcon You totally fooled me! You know, I'd be pretty damn angry, but you're, like, pretty good looking people... Pictures of you might actually be worth something some day! Who ARE you? Mind if I take a few pictures? Oh, that was a good one!
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble (Pose for pictures.)
BlackSpeechBubble Get away from me...
EmilySunIcon Haha, that was pretty fun. I guess I better get going, I have a big photo shoot to do. I'm modeling Angelo Gatti's latest collection!
(Y/N) Cool!
EmilySunIcon It's SO cool. Just between us, I think Angelo might have a little thing for me... Oh, to dream... A young model and her brilliant, brooding fashion designer, in love. That would be something! Certainly better than the guys I keep dating... Anyway, I guess you're heading to catch up with Kendall and Kylie? Kendall mentioned you were helping her test out a new coat she designed. Hope you guys have a great time at the ski resort in Wyoming!
(Y/N) Thanks Emily! Take care!

StaciTaylorIcon Staci Taylor @StaciTalk
@kendalljenner and @kyliejenner dodge paparazzi thanks to help from friends, whom this reporter recognizes as @(Y/F/N) and rising model @SunnySideEmily!

PerryTextIcon Hey! I've been in contact with Luna Moon Clothing - they make laid-back, casual wear.
(Y/N) Hm...
PerryTextIcon They want YOU to be the spokesperson of their next line, but they want to make sure you're a good brand fit. You have a chance to prove it by picking your next project carefully.
(Y/N) Oh... :s
PerryTextIcon You can do an appearance at the posh Zodiac in Hollywood, or attend a rock concert in Malibu...
(Y/N) 1. Zodiac event.
2. Rock concert.
PerryTextIcon 1.
2. Okay! I'll text you when it starts.
(Y/N) Thanks.

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