Perry wants to discuss your future in Hollywood. Swing by his office and see what plan he's got for you.


RivalIcon Hey I'm bored. Wanna hang?
(Y/N) Excuse me?
RivalIcon Ugh. Wrong person.
(Y/N) Pls delete my number...

PerryTextIcon Drop by the office when u get a chance. We've got some business to discuss about your blooming future in Hollywood!
(Y/N) Cool! B there in a bit.

PerryYoungIcon Hey (Y/N)! How's your day going?
(Y/N) It's okay. How's yours?
PerryYoungIcon Really well, actually! I got a call from a Hollywood producer named Tyler Fox. He say your commercial for the Zodiac event! We had a great talk.
(Y/N) That's cool. What about?
PerryYoungIcon Mostly you! But he also had some great advice for the both of us. He said he'd be really interested in working with us, when we're ready.
(Y/N) BlackSpeechBubble Ready?
BlackSpeechBubble I'm ready now!
PerryYoungIcon Tyler suggested that you get some reall Hollywood headshots done which I can get in the hands of casting directors! That will be the easy part...
(Y/N) There's a hard part?
PerryYoungIcon You need to take an acting class and get director certified.
(Y/N) Director certified?
PerryYoungIcon Getting you in front of a Hollywood director is great, but it could go embarrassingly bad if you don't know how to take proper direction... Thankfully, Tyler Fox told me about an acting coach who can teach you all you need to know. He runs a 'Hollywood acting crash course.' Go get your new headshots ready at Caprice. I'll get in touch with the acting coach and see if we can get you in that class!
(Y/N) Sounds good!

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