Head over to Perry's place and find out what the delicious deal is all about...

Greg's Restaurant wants to put up a big billboard ad, and wants you for the photoshoot.


PerryTextIcon (Y/N), come chill at the crib when you're ready for some work! Got a delicious deal with your name on it! ;^)
(Y/N) K be there in a bit!

PerryYoungIcon (Y/N), I hope your trip to Paris with Kendall and Kylie was glamorous and all that, but it's time to get down to business. You won't become a star without putting in the hours, so what do you say, (Y/N)? Ready to get to work?
(Y/N) Ready and able!
PerryYoungIcon Good, because I've lined something up for you! It's not as glamorous as a runway show in Paris, but you've got to start somewhere! You know Greg's Restaurant? Apparently business hasn't been what it used to be, so the owner wants to do some advertising...
(Y/N) A TV commercial?!
PerryYoungIcon Oh, no... I wish! That kind of exposure would be amazing! We'll get you on T.V. someday, but not today. Today, we're starting with something a little smaller, but we're going to do it in a BIG way... a BILLBOARD! The massive ad will feature you, enjoying a delicious meal from Greg's restaurant. The photo shoot will actually take place at Caprice Magazine, though... Staci did me a solid and said we can use their photographer, Zoe.
(Y/N) Zoe's cool.
PerryYoungIcon Good thing you like her, because you're going to be seeing a LOT more of her and her camera in the future! Catch a flight out to New York and head over to Caprice Magazine for the restaurant billboard shoot in 5 hours.
(Y/N) On my way!

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